Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seeds In!

Parsley Plant Awaiting Planting

So I FINALLY got my seeds into the ground. Starting in late March my goal was to plant seeds during the April/May planting period as suggested in Golden Gate Gardening. So I made it! Now the troubling part. I just couldn't make up mind what to plant and I had a 4'x4' raised bed. That's 16 square feet. That's not much. So I know I over did it, but we'll see how it turns out. Isn't that one of the cool things about vegetable gardening? You can treat it like one big science experiment without the peer review and grant writing. The fun part of science without the double blind tedium. You know, potatoes do better when they have more than 1 square foot devoted to them type of thing.

Dirty Gloves

So here's what I put in: potatoes (All Blue), onions (White Ebenezer) for green onions, radish (White Icicle), carrot (Scarlet Nantes), mesclun (Q's Special Medley), bush bean (Blue Lake), cilantro (Sabor), romaine lettuce (Parris Island Cos), butterhead lettuce (Tom Thumb). I'll try to get a plan drawn up so you can see how little space each one takes up. Also everything except the beans and potatoes are planned to be planted in succession, so there might be one or two more rows added in three to six weeks (hrmm, better put that on my calendar before I forget).I still need to transplant the chives and parsley but those won't be going in the garden bed.

Freshly Sown Seeds

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