Monday, May 26, 2008

Pajama Bottoms

We got pants! H & I went to a friends house with lots of fabric and some of H's pants in tow. Then with two babies and one sewing machine we cut like mad women and started stitching to make some pajama bottoms for out loved ones. It worked out pretty well. She was a good influence on me as she likes to stitch first, ask questions later and I'm much more about asking questions until I forget what I'm supposed to be doing then change to whatever shiny thing has caught my eye. But with my friend's "just do it" vibes working on me, plus working with a currently amicable H underfoot, knowing my time would be limited, I just started making pants. I think they turned out pretty nice. A little big, so might be better in a another 2 to 4 months for H. And a little bit loud, but that's why they are pajama bottoms. Did you see the little kids having a pillow fight on the fabric? Too cute.

We both took two different approaches to making cuffs and neither was a resounding success but we both learned something (drawback to stichin' first). I used some of my friend's cute castle fabric for H's cuffs and she used some of my corduroy for the pants she made with a flannel cowboy print. I definitely want to try making some more pants. Perhaps next time I'll try something a little less loud for everyday wear.

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Katia said...

Wow - Super cute pants! (Nice belly too)