Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Status report

  • On my needles: Longies. Still. Yes, taking a back seat to spinning. Apparently this isn't uncommon in new spinners.

  • On my spindle: Working on my third spinning project. A natural colored coopsworth wool in brown. finished one single and I'm going to try to do two more to make a three ply.

  • On my nightstand: Color in Spinning, Hold Onto Your Kids

  • Screentime: Kung Fu Panda got some serious play when my son was sick and I didn't immediately get totally sick of it. Probably my favorite Dreamworks movie to date; they aren't batting very well in my park.

  • In my garden: Nothin! Well nothing that I'm involved in. I'm sure it keeps doing what nature intended for it to do.

  • In my studio: I recently made a little bag for the bleggingway. I love simple little pretty sewing projects.

  • In the kitchen: Made some plain ordinary choco chip cookies recently, didn't even use whole grains, but nothing to blog about (oops, too late)

  • This and that: For the blessingway, a friend and I made these paraffin luminaries in blue and white. That was fun.

Let's Try This...

So I had this bone deep realization the other day that my days are numbered. Perhaps its part of being a mother, but I think it was the first time that I applied it to my craft production. I think I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn't getting much done. Sort of, a poor me, attitude. When I realized I will never get it all done. Ever. And that was a bit liberating. And a bit trying. And somehow appropriate. I mean if you got all your crafting done, that means you ran out of ideas, which means alot, alot alot.

I've always considered myself a more process oriented person, but realized there is room for improvement on that front. As the year winds down and I start thinking about next year and beyond, I realize there are areas of my world where I would like to spend more time (*cough* zafu *cough*) and that there are so many hours in the day. More crafting isn't going to get me any closer to ... what exactly? But less doing and more being? Well, that sounds about right. Challenging, to be sure, but right.

So, I thought I would try out a periodic status report of hobby goodness, like I used to have on the sidebar, but then removed because it wasn't tied into rss feeds, and then I was going to make it into a blog entry, but sorta forgot, because i get caught up in "oh it needs a photo" perfectionist thinking. So the form might look a little like this and quite possibly won't have photos, but it will be quick to update (good when you don't know how long you have at the computer before your little one wakes up) and I think I will enjoy seeing what I've made and things I've read or eaten. It satisfies the former (now mostly gone) list maker in me, but the focus is on what's happening now - not is it a FO or not AND not what still needs to be done.

  • On my needles: (this is for knitting)
  • On my spindle: (this is for yarn I'm spinning)
  • On my nightstand: (books I'm reading)
  • Screentime: (movies, tv and videogames)
  • In my garden: (current projects, ongoing maintenance, and what the veggies are up to)
  • In my studio: (sewing projects)
  • In the kitchen: (things i'm planning on or recently made)
  • This and that: (misc crafting that's probably not a regular feature)

So, I'll try to update this when I can and count my breaths when I can and share with you, at least one little photo series for this post. Yes, I started spinning. Coopsworth into a single which I hope to make into a three ply.

Photo Essay

2 Ply
I'm having a hard time to find time to work on my hobbies let alone blog about them. So here are a few of photos to show that I haven't totally been slacking in the creating/enteraining myself department (all the laundry I do because my LO has the stomach flu apparently doesn't count). Many of the photos are related to a blessingway at my house but I can't take credit for the beautiful belly mehndi.