Friday, May 30, 2008

The Deluge

I've been checking on my baby seedlings almost every day, as I find a moment, usually without H since he tends to focus on whatever I'm focusing on, sometimes with a little stick in his hand or sometimes just with his hands, and well, those baby seeds seem awful fragile so I sneak out just to see who's popped up.

But almost none of them popped up after I left the sprinkler on. It was getting a bit dry so I thought I should water them and then I forgot I turned it on. Mr. Thystle was in the house after dinner wondering why the water was running; I said it was probably the dish washer. Later we realized the dish washer should be done by now so he went downstairs to investigate. Ooops. There were puddles in my raised beds, but they soaked in within minutes, so I figure the drainage is good considering they got the equivalent of 6" of rain.

That was a few days ago. Today the beds now look like alluvial plains, with silt and sand in spots. I wasn't sure what this meant for the seedlings (none were up yet). But there were radishes, lettuce, and mesclun up more or less in the correct spot. Still waiting on the beans, potatoes, onions, and cilantro. There are also some serious sink holes. This concerns me. Where did the soil that was in the holes go? How can I get my bed back into a flat, loamy consistency again? Time will tell.


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