Monday, April 21, 2008

Emmeline Apron

Its been awhile, and I havent' been as crafting as much as I would like (my current excuse is that I've discovered Netflix's instant watch feature and am churning through season 1 of Heroes. I dare not look deeper and see what else Netflix has!) but I do have a finished project - an apron I made for my sister's birthday. Its my first go out and buy a pattern just so I can make this specific item. In the past I've made a few things from patterns that came from sewing or crafting books. But this one required shipping and no photocopiers! It's from Montessori by Hand and is called Emmeline. Its reversible. I really enjoyed making this. A note on the fitting is that its really not for big bosomed women (or probably not flat chested individuals either). It seems to be fitting my model nicely here but if you are much above 38 chest or a C cup you could run into problems. Umm, I think there should be more to say here, but I'm having bloggers block, so I'll just repeat how much fun I had making something from a pattern that was a step above totally basic but not too challenging for a new seamstress. Oh, yea, also, it had darts :)


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Katia said...

Love this apron! Sew pretty. Very flattering too.