Sunday, March 9, 2008

Finished Objects!

Yea! I have some finished objects to share. It seems like I've been so busy working on getting stuff done or planning birthday parties or sleeping (got some teething going on here and before that it was colds) or avoiding the chaos that comes from construction and home improvement projects that nothing has gotten finished in ages. But here I have two things to share.

First up and hat knitted for my mom, modeled by me and photographed by my brother-in-law. Its just a plain stockinette pattern, but it was the first time I started from the top and worked down. Not my favorite method I think, since its a bit tight until you get all your increases in. But the yarn was fantastic - Noro something or another - I know, not terribly helpful. It was mostly wool with some nylon and angora mixed in, in a beautiful self-striping colorway with lavenders, pinks, olive and ever greens a little grey and white. It's a variable weight single-ply. So much fun to knit with, but I unfortunately probably used too small of needles for the yarn and so its very tightly knit. Should function fine but took a little of the fun out of knitting it up, especially when the yarn was so lovely to work with. It makes me really want to have a hat of my own. I'll probably work on that after I finish the top secret project that's currently on my needles, which means I'll have a new hat just in time for summer.

Top o' hat
Hat grin

Second up, is a sewing project - a birthday banner for my son's first year birthday, inspired by Soulemama's work. The fabric is a thrift shop freebie (yes, they actually gave me a bunch o' bags of fabric) and a donation of quilt squares from my mother-in-law that were just perfect for making the letters. As I was pulling it together, not really sure just what exactly I was doing, since I still consider myself a novice seamstress, I had lots of "no, this is total crap" moments but I kept plugging away. I was afraid it was gonna turn out like the valentine - where I do lots of prep but not so much in the finished product category. BUT I think it turned out pretty darn nice. I hope it becomes a family tradition around here.
Birthday Banner

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Anonymous said...

The banner turned out just beautiful. You did a fantastic job, I'm sure it will be a family
tradition (which I love)
Some day (way down the road) your grandchildren can enjoy it.