Monday, April 28, 2008


No cool finished works to share or even new photos of WIPs. Just wanted to point out that I am trying to keep the sidebars updated.

First up added a badge for Ravelry which connects to my Ravelry account which I've been amiss in keeping updated. But if you have an account you can see some of my older work.

I've been adding books that I read or am in the process of reading or that I want to read to my Goodreads account. The sidebar just shows books I've read. However, since I have about 100 books (ok, ok, more like 6) I'm reading at any one time and of those I might finish half, it doesn't always get updated that often. And I can't go to the library until I finish some of those. Yes, I'm mostly into non-fiction. For some reason, I feel like that makes me a boring person.

Finally, I have a list going of what's happening hobby-wise, whether its knitting, sewing, gardening, reading, cooking, digital projects, or screen time entertainment (tv and video games). This gets updated more frequently and the items on it may not be worthy of a blog posting, so this is a way of me sharing what's going on without having to come up with a post about how I'm starting to watch Season 2 of Heroes. Now that I think about it, I think part of the lack of blog entries is that I'm starting lots of things but not finishing many things. So perhaps in another few weeks I'll have a plethora of entries? Or perhaps, I'll just drop it and start the next thing that catches my fancy.

The only thing I seem to do more than starting something, is making mental lists of things I want to make or do or try. Perhaps if there was a slick way for me to make a TODO Queue. For knitting it would be a sweater for H, a cap for me, a scarf, something cool with the unprocessed wool J got me. For sewing it would be bean bags, and try some clothes for me and some shorties for H, and some totebags for the library. For reading see my list. For screen time, it would be WOW with my level 29 pally or some BGS with my level 39 priest. For digital projects, it would H's baby book. For cooking, nothing on my radar. Gardening would be to get my raised beds in and pick out something to plant in the next couple of weeks before I completely miss the April/May planting window here. I also have this bizarre urge to do some garden illustration and rendering with watercolors. Why?! Sigh, so much to do, so little time...

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