Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Cooking

Ok, so this blog is turning out to be a general hobby blog or whatever I do for fun that's not directly family related. Which means some cooking. And my favorite spot for recipes in the past few weeks has been 101 Cookbooks. Last night we had some guests over and I made some baked donuts for dessert. Not the best choice since it requires a bit of processing after it comes out of the oven and it cooks up quick so there's less time visiting and more time in the kitchen, but leisurely conversation over the dinner table don't really take place for one of the parents anyway with a toddler in the house. But they were really good and I'll probably make them again. But hoo, boy, do I have more leftovers than I know what to do with.

Baked Donuts

I've also made the Spring Tabbouleh which was definitely a keeper. Super easy to pull together and a nice spring main dish salad. And then finally I made some Black Bean Brownies which were only ok in my book. They had some coffee in them, which I didn't care for.

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