Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This thing on?

A new year, a new blog. Yes, yet another crafting blog. I've been bitten by the crafting bug in a big way and would like the opportunity to share my finished works with others. I also started a blog to share news and updates about my family with my extended family and friends and didn't want it to get cluttered with the latest, "check out what I knitted!" types of entries. Also, my family blog is for, well, my family and friends - not the world as a whole, so my crafting blog gets to be public and the other family blog shall remain nameless.

What shall we cover over here at Thystle Down's Blog? Oh, you know whatever is catching my fancy these days. Currently that is knitting (oh thank you SoCal friends for my xmas present - a gift certificate to a LYS) and sewing! And I think I might have a book or two from Amazon coming on how to embroider. And I also wanted to share some of my interest in garden design - so its a bit of a creative hodge podge here. I'll try to get things started with some recently finished projects. So stay tuned!

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