Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweaters To Yarn

I've fallen in love with reclaiming yarn.

I love thrift store shopping for good wool (or cotton or linen or cashmere). And then unraveling (or raveling) the yarn then measuring it by winding it around a handy device my father made for me (a piece of wood with two dowels stuck in it a yard apart). Then washing it it to remove the somebody else's house smell. And winding it into a ball by hand (I don't own a swift or ball winder at the moment - so big! where to put it?). However, I have yet to knit anything with it! Arrrg! So I'm holding off on the other sweaters I have until I get my stash more organized. However, I've keep finding nice cashmere sweaters that are too fine for unraveling, so I think I'll try to sew some longies with those! What I don't like - the little fuzzies that get everywere as I deconstruct the sweater.

Here's a GAP knitted mini-skirt in a natural colored lamb's wool.

And here's the finished balls of yarn - approximately 600 yards of sport weight (I'm guessing - I haven't mastered the art of telling the weight of the yarn yet). What to make with it, what to make....

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