Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Backtracking - my first sewn project

Slowly getting around to uploading pictures, I wanted to share my first sewing project. Its an Old Navy womens (?) lambswool sweater in holiday colors that had been put in hot too many times. I picked it up at a thrift store, cut the arms off, cut the seams midway down the arms so that they could become the legs, seamed the front and back and rolled a waist band with elastic, then lanolized it (that is added lanolin back to the wool to help make it less likely to absorb). Here H is sportin it over a fitted pair of training pants.

Its not too bad considering I've never sewn anything in my life and a sweater is pretty difficult material to work with for you first time out. If you were to look closely you could see spots where I missed and gaping holes and the spots where I sewed over an area way to often trying to get my seams correct. But I rather like it despite that fact.

Since I found the sweater I really wanted to get it done in time for Christmas because of the colors. And I got it done, yea! Here's to tossing paralyzing perfectionist tendencies out! And just getting the damn thing done, whatever that damn thing may be!

Oh yea, I also got the dream swatch headband (shown above, H is playing with it) done in time for Christmas as well. But I'll save that little knitting post for another time.


Sarah said...

It looks great! How is it for nighttime?

Thystle said...

I don't know; we haven't tried it for night time. He's still a heavy pee-er (word?) at night so I'll change the cloth diaper when I come to bed with him and then I leave him with just a disposable on so we have a little skin on skin coziness. And it's a bit of a trim fit, so I don't think I could put enough diaper in there to hold the first pee of the evening. I've got a few other recycled sweater ideas up my sleeve that I would like to try though.