Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Status report

  • On my needles: Longies. Still. Yes, taking a back seat to spinning. Apparently this isn't uncommon in new spinners.

  • On my spindle: Working on my third spinning project. A natural colored coopsworth wool in brown. finished one single and I'm going to try to do two more to make a three ply.

  • On my nightstand: Color in Spinning, Hold Onto Your Kids

  • Screentime: Kung Fu Panda got some serious play when my son was sick and I didn't immediately get totally sick of it. Probably my favorite Dreamworks movie to date; they aren't batting very well in my park.

  • In my garden: Nothin! Well nothing that I'm involved in. I'm sure it keeps doing what nature intended for it to do.

  • In my studio: I recently made a little bag for the bleggingway. I love simple little pretty sewing projects.

  • In the kitchen: Made some plain ordinary choco chip cookies recently, didn't even use whole grains, but nothing to blog about (oops, too late)

  • This and that: For the blessingway, a friend and I made these paraffin luminaries in blue and white. That was fun.

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