Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day Crafting

No, its not a hot pad! Yes, I know it looks like one.

It started out as an idea to do some photoshop silliness. I was trying to think what I could make for Valentine's day and decided my son was a little too scrumptious not to make into cupid. Step 1: take nakey butt picture of son. Step 2: search yahoo photos for cupid. yahoo photos are actually better than google for this, because they pull from all the flickr tags. Step 3: mashup in PS. Once I did this I really wanted to try sewing with paper. So I had to print out some cupids. I then I thought it would be cool to try a bit of patchwork (see the back) and then quilting (see the heart shapes inside) and then well, I've never done embroidery so we gotta throw that in and put some bias tape (that's actually store bought) to tie it all together.

No! Not a hotpad!

The fabric is all for free from a thrift store. No pattern, just trying things out. I think I even drew straight on the fabric for the embroidery. I love the red and turquoise blue together. I don't love my stitches, especially my first attempt at applying bias tape (pee-you). The blur in the upper left is my son's name tweaked to protect our privacy.

Once it all came together I had that sinking feeling of this wasn't exactly what I imagined becuase it does look exactly like a hotpad. But DH seemed to like it just the same. Perhaps its because we aren't exactly good gift givers so he was happy to receive anything from me :) I had grand plans on making everyone in the family one, but it just didn't happen with colds and the house being under construction and my underestimating the evilness that is bias tape binding. So I'v got 5 other half finished hearts in my studio now. There's always next V-day...

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